Exhibition entitled “Leap in Production and Achievements in Fight Against Coronavirus”

The first exhibition to be held at Tehran International Exhibition Center in the current Persian calendar year will be held on 13-15 June, 2020 while following hygiene guidelines and observing social distancing.

The exhibition is entitled “Leap in production and achievements in fight against coronavirus” and producers of detergents, disinfectants, cellulose-based absorbent products, medical devices, lab equipment and pharmaceuticals will take part in it.

Shortly after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Masstec Medical Co. began manufacturing medical products used for protection against coronavirus. Our company, which is a knowledge-based company and a leading manufacturer of medical devices in the country, will be present at this international event and exhibit its products.

Visit us at the pavillion for knowledge-based and technology companies which is managed by the President’s Office of Science and Technology Affairs and Iran National Innovation Fund, and is located in Hall No. 5 of Tehran International Exhibition Center. The exhibition runs from 10 am to 6 pm on 13-15 June, 2020.