50 thousand emergency face shields are daily manufactured for health service personnel

The following is a translation of a news story in Persian which was published on the Student News Network and can be viewed at: https://snn.ir/fa/news/841452 :The head of a knowledge-based company has made the announcement that this week their company, aided by the the Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF), will increase its production volume of emergency face shields to 50000 pieces per day.In an interview with a Student News Network journalist, Sayyed Emran Emami, the CEO of Masstec Medical Co., which is based in Shahreza, Esfahan, explained about their company’s activities regarding the manufacturing of products used for infection prevention and combating coronavirs. He said: What we produce are emergency face shields mainly used by doctors and nurses, especially in these times of the pandemic, for protection against virus droplets.Regarding the loan facilities of the INIF Emami said: Before being funded by the INIF, we could only manage the production of 4000 shields per day. Later, in March, 2020 when we received a loan from the INIF, we managed to produce 15000 shields per day. And in the coming week, due to improvements made in our manufacturing equipment, this number will reach 50000 shields per day.According to Emami, the funding has greatly helped the company employ extra work force, purchase raw material and increase the company’s production capacity to over 12 times its initial capacity.Emami asserted that: The INIF has accepted to provide us with 800 million tomans in loan. The company received 300 million tomans of the funding in March, 2020 and the rest will be provided in two payments: one in April and the other in May. With the funds we hope to make improvements in our packaging equipment and increase our daily production of face shields.At the end of the interview, Emami made the point that: Our Company, which was founded in 2013, specializes in the production of medical equipment. Masstec Medical Co. is Iran’s first manufacturer of magnetic drapes and bone marrow biopsy needles, and one of the country’s leading manufacturers of intrauterine insemination (IUI) catheters. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the situation in our country we began the production of emergency face shields and increased our production capacity so that we could fulfill some of the demand for this product by those working for our country’s health service.