Happy Doctors’ Day

Health is one of the important pillars of human societies and the advancement and development of countries are dependent on the health of their people. In different societies, the health of people is dependent on the existence of physicians who devote their lives to serving patients and curing their illnesses.

The first of Shahrivar on the Persian Calendar (August 23) is the birthday of Avicenna, the renowned Iranian scientist and physician, and so, this day is celebrated as the national doctors’ day in Iran. Thus, it is an opportunity to thank doctors for their services and on this day, Masstec Medical Co. would like to congratulate those working in the field of healthcare.

In these critical times, unity among all those working in the field of healthcare seems more than ever essential to having an inclusive and sustainable health system. We hope that physicians are symbols of ethics, knowledge and modesty and the sanctity of their profession is presented by their thriving to alleviate patients’ pains and their services to all patients, especially the deprived.

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